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Stalybridge and Hyde is a constituency in Greater Manchester currently served by New Labour MP, James Purnell. The constituency comprises Stalybridge, Hyde, Mossley, Hattersley and the Longdendale villages.
The Constituency has had very poor ratings for health and education, and has low average earnings compared to Greater Manchester (2nd lowest) and well below the national average.
The constituency contains 8 council wards, which are represented by 3 councillors in each ward. The wards and political representation is listed below

Stalybridge South

Cllr Doreen Dickenson – Conservative
Cllr Basil Beeley – Conservative
Cllr David Buckley – Conservative

Stalybridge North

Cllr Clive Patrick – Conservative
Cllr Kevin Welsh – Labour
Cllr George Roberts – Labour

Dukinfield Stalybridge

Cllr Dorothy Cartwright – Conservative
Cllr Dave Sweeton – Labour
Cllr Eileen Sharrock – Labour 

Hyde Werneth

Cllr John Bell – Conservative. Leader of the Conservative Opposition
Cllr Derek Baines – Conservative
Cllr Ruth Welsh – Conservative

Hyde Godley

Cllr Jim Fitzpatrick – Labour
Cllr John Sullivan – Labour
Cllr Joe Kitchen – Labour

Hyde Newton

Cllr Philip Fiztpatrick – Labour
Cllr Helen Bowden – Labour
Cllr Peter Robinson – Labour


Cllr Ann Etchells – Independent
Cllr Valerie Carter – Independent
Cllr Roy Echells – Independent


Cllr Roy Oldham – Labour Council Leader
Cllr Sean Parker-Perry – Labour
Cllr Jonathan Reynolds – Labour
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