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Education is the most powerful means by which individuals can be given the freedom to shape their future – and our schools reform plan is driven by the need to increase opportunity for all.

We will undertake a long-term programme to close the educational gap between the fortunate and the forgotten, with policies including:

  • Building hundreds of good new schools within the state system
  • Shifting the balance of power away fromand towards parents
  • Removing the obstacles which prevent new the government  schools being established
  • Encouraging smaller and more varied schools to respond to parents’ demands

In addition, we will take a number of immediate steps to improve standards in all our schools:

  • Improve discipline and behaviour in schools by shifting the balance of power in the classroom back to the teacher
  • Ensure more teaching by ability to stretch the strongest and nurture the weakest
  • Look at reforming the testing regime in primary schools to reduce bureaucracy and focus on every pupil’s real needs

By doing all this, a Conservative Government will stop the decline in standards and create the excellent schools our children deserve

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