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Crime and Justice

Crime and Justice

Labour’s top-down approach to fighting crime has failed.

They have ignored the professional judgment of police officers and denied them the freedom to do their jobs – violent crime has increased as officers are forced to spend more time on paperwork than on patrol.

Labour’s early release scheme has seen over 70,000 criminals released early, while prisons remain overcrowded, hampering efforts to rehabilitate prisoners.

The bond between the police and the public must be rebuilt, and the first step will be cutting the red tape which prevents the police from doing their job properly. 

  • We will give police officers the discretion to deal with young troublemakers committing anti-social behaviour quickly and effectively, before they go on to commit more serious offences. 
  • We will cut paperwork to allow police officers to spend more of their time on the streets fighting crime.
  • We will reform the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), which regulates police surveillance, so that authorisation is not needed in straightforward cases. At the same time, we will take steps to prevent the misuse of surveillance powers by local authorities.

We will take our reforms further by empowering local people as well as police officers. By introducing directly-elected police commissioners, we will enable local communities to hold their police force to account.

And a Conservative government will be committed to clearing up the mess this Government has made of the prison service. That means providing the places to end Labour’s reckless early release scheme, and introducing a rehabilitation revolution to cut soaring re-offending rates.

We will also legislate to create a presumption that anyone convicted of knife crimes will receive a prison sentence.

We cannot tackle crime unless we also address the causes of crime, such as family breakdown, drug abuse and binge drinking. But the fight back starts with getting more police officers back on to the streets. Only then can we begin to rebuild the safer communities we all want.

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