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Labour candidate offers no hope of change from James Purnell

March 31, 2010

Labour today have selected a Longdendale Councillor as their candidate. Labour’s Johnny-Come-Lately candidate represents a few things.

1. Labour take people for granted, and imagine they can insert anyone into Stalybridge and Hyde at the last-minute and still expect them to be selected. They take your vote for granted.

2. Johnny-Come-Lately Johnny Reynolds represents James Purnell’s choice for the constituency. All the newspapers reported him as James Purnell’s choice, and in fact when he was originally left off the shortlist,  James Purnell and Lord Mandelson petitioned for him to be put back on. Your Labour candidate worked in James Purnell’s office for James Purnell at the taxpayer’s expense.

3. The Labour candidate is in the pocket of the Unions. Unite/Amicus think they can buy the seat of Stalybridge and Hyde for their candidate, who is a local branch secretary. The Conservatives’ campaign, in contrast, is entirely funded by local people in the constituency.

‘Flippant and lighweight’

The Manchester Evening News reported today about the selection, highlighting the frustration of some about how the selection was carried out. The report confirmed that the candidates were quizzed on pop culture and trivia rather than the serious issue facing our constituency such as the NHS and Afghanistan.

When you have a chance, ask your labour candidate what he thinks about campaigning for the re-election of a Prime Minister who has let down our troops.

You can read the article here



The Conservatives back Sure Start

March 17, 2010
Rob Adlard and Cllr Clive Patrick visit Ridge Hill Children’s Centre

Prospective Conservative MP and Stalybridge North Councillor Clive Patrick made a visit to Ridge Hill Childrens’ Centre.

Centre manager Sarah Billington gave a tour and Rob and Clive heard from passionate staff about the classes, advice, services and support that is available at the centre.
“It was such a positive experience seeing how much energy the staff had for the work that they do for the local community” says  Rob Adlard.
“It made me extremely glad that our party leader David Cameron is backing Sure Start and wants to expand Sure Start”
The Labour party in Stalybridge and Hyde have been delivering extremely misleading leaflets implying that the Conservatives would close this centre. This simply isn’t true and is simply part of Labour’s tactic of scaring people about the future.

Are Labour’s Militant Tendancy Trying to Impose Their Candidate on Stalybridge and Hyde?

March 17, 2010

Labour in Stalybridge and Hyde has been growing in its state of chaos for some time, but now they have a bigger problem – Charlie Wheelan and the Unite union. An article in the Guardian newspaper here describes how Unite is seeking to impose its candidates on seats seeking Labour candidates, such as our constituency of Stalybridge and Hyde.

Some are claiming that the huge union runs the Labour party today. The Union not only donated £11 million pounds to Labour, but also it’s policy chief Charlie Wheelan was Gordon Brown’s chief spin doctor and ‘attack dog’ according to reports, and is tipped to have a leading role in the general election for Gordon Brown.

Senior Unite official Peter Wheeler  is on the shortlist to succeed current Stalybridge and Hyde Labour MP James Purnell who is standing down at the next election in just a few weeks time. 

The shadow children’s secretary, Michael Gove, claimed that Unite had succeeded in ensuring that 59 of its members have been selected as Labour candidates for the general election. “Charlie Whelan’s distinctive fingerprints can be detected all over Labour’s recent lurch to the left in key policy areas,” Gove said. He cited the government’s decision to abandon the part-privatisation of Royal Mail, a climbdown on opening up the supply of NHS care, and the dropping of school reforms.

Gove said that Unite’s involvement in the BA dispute showed how unions were now calling the shots. “How can Charlie Whelan simultaneously be the political director of a union which is paralysing British Airways at the same time as he’s directing the political activities of Britain’s prime minister? How can we trust what Gordon Brown says about this strike, when we know he is in hock to Unite and in thrall to Charlie Whelan?”

Prospective Conservative MP Rob Adlard says “people in Stalybridge and Hyde have just managed to get rid of one outsider as MP. On the doorstep people have confirmed that they felt James Purnell didn’t have the best interests of Stalybridge and Hyde at heart, and they’ll be wary before they vote for another career politician and outsider such as Peter Wheeler of the Unite union, a union which is wrecking the Labour party as a party of government.”

Support Our Troops

March 14, 2010

“This week I attended the funeral of Kingsman Sean Phillip Dawson of the 2nd Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment. It was an incredibly moving service attended by a huge number of people from Stalybridge and surrounding area. The congregation heard how this brave 19 year old soldier had been an outstanding young man, and his sacrifice should make us reaffirm our commitment to support our troops.” Rob Adlard

‘Gordon Brown Was Behind The Cuts In Helicopter Numbers’

The Conservatives first raised this issue in 2005 when he Conservative’s Shadow Defence Secretary Liam Fox said “the promise that the armed forces could have whatever they need has not been kept” and he warned that Labour’s decision to cut the helicopter budget by £1.4 billion is “the root of many of the problems” British troops face in Afghanistan. David Cameron has called the helicopter shortage “a scandal.” Former Defence Minister Geoff Hoon revealed in leaked letters that Gordon Brown was to blame. In one letter sent in 2004, Hoon warned that, if Brown refused to back down, “We would have to scale back on major equipment programmes.” He went on to claim that the helicopter programme in particular would suffer.

Troops given raw deal on leave from Afghanistan, says David Cameron.

David Cameron has long supported an initiative to allow troops to start their leave during operations only when they arrive back on British soil. He has said troops were receiving a “raw deal” over the two week operational leave as aircraft delays generally meant they lost several days holiday before returning home. A Conservative Party commission led by Falklands hero Simon Weston and author Frederick Forsyth first raised this issue of “lost leave”.

 The Conservatives’ War Cabinet

David Cameron has put together an excellent team to focus on the war if the Conservatives win the election. Sir Richard Dannatt, who has fought for our country and served for forty years in our armed forces is to advise our defence team which will include Liam Fox and William Hague.

We can’t afford another five years of Labour’s economic incompetence

March 8, 2010

Shadow Business Secretary Ken Clarke joined David Cameron and George Osborne in speaking at Thomson Reuters about the state of the economy.

“This weekend showed very vividly why we can’t afford five more years of Gordon Brown”, he said. “There’s a choice to be made, and the choice of Gordon Brown is a very expensive choice indeed”.

He pointed out the Conservatives had been arguing for months that it is only the prospect of a Conservative government that has been holding down interest rates and holding up sterling. “Yesterday’s and today’s market movements show how nervous our foreign creditors and investors are about the prospects of a Gordon Brown victory or a hung parliament”, he said.

“The argument from a British point of view is if investors do not believe the new British Government has the political will to deal with the deficit and pay down some debt they will demand much higher interest rates before they will lend us any more money.”

Clarke went on to compare Labour’s policy of matching his spending plans when they were last in the Opposition, to the mess they have created and the need for the Conservative Opposition to lead the way forward.

“Only by dealing with the debts we can provide confidence to businessmen and families up and down the country that they can plan ahead with confidence, that we can get a grip on our debts, and that with interest rates lower for longer, and we can unleash the forces of enterprise to show Britain is open for business again”, he said. 

“The Conservatives have done that in the past. We turned around an economy left in tatters by Labour, got Britain growing, and left Gordon Brown with a golden economic legacy. Now we need to do it again.”

Read Ken Clarke’s speech in full

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne criticised Gordon Brown’s economic policies helping to “lead us into this mess”, and his “debt, waste and taxes” for “holding us back and threatening the recovery with higher interest rates”.

“That’s why we need change in the economy”, he said. “We need to bring back aspiration and opportunity for all. We need action now to cut the deficit, help to keep mortgage rates low and get the economy moving. And we need to get Britain working by boosting enterprise.”

And, he added, “at the coming election, that is the change the Conservatives will be offering”.

Read George Osborne’s speech in full

Conservative’s Announce a New Generation of Sure Start Centres

March 8, 2010

In January David Cameron announced a new generation of Sure Start programs. This is part of the Conservatives’ huge investment in time dedicated to their Social Justice program, headed by Iain Duncan Smith, it’s incredibly passionate advocate. The Labour party in Stalybridge and Hyde have been delivering dishonest campaign literature saying that the Conservative will axe Sure Start. This is not true, but is part of their ongoing tactic to win the next election based on slurs and stoking up fear  for the future. We will make sure their extremely negative and pessimistic approach will not work.

A new generation of Sure Start Centres

David Cameron announced Conservative plans for a new generation of Sure Start Centres to focus on the neediest families and involve organisations with a track record of helping parents.

The new model of Sure Start Centre will deliver dedicated support to disadvantaged and dysfunctional families as part of the Sure Start programme.

They will be similar to Academy schools in that they will be independent institutions which operate outside local government control and are funded directly by central government.

Speaking today in London, David Cameron said he was committed to keeping Sure Start, but he will also seek to improve it by taking it back to its original purpose – namely “early intervention, increasing its focus on those who need its help most and better involving organisations with a proven track record in parenting interventions”.

He said we already know what works in terms of parenting interventions, citing research done by the National Academy for Parenting Practitioners and others. “They have identified models with proven success – from family nurse partnerships, an intensive programme for vulnerable first-time parents that ends when the child is two to parenting support groups for parents with learning difficulties.”

With this mind, he announced that the Conservatives would “invite independent organisations that have a proven track record in these areas – like Lifeline and 4Children and Homestart and contract them to run children’s centres and reach out to dysfunctional and disadvantaged local families. They will then be paid – at least in part – according to the results they achieve.”

Read the full speech here

Value for money in your town hall

March 8, 2010

David Cameron has said that a Conservative Government will give more power, discretion and autonomy to local councils.

But he emphasised that greater power must be backed up with greater accountability to local taxpayers.

Speaking at the Conservative Councillors’ Association, Cameron outlined Conservative plans to require councils to publish the following online:

  • The full remuneration package of all senior staff, earning above £58,500, including name and post.
  • All items of expenditure above £500, and publish contracts and tender documents in full.
  • Information on councillors’ expenses in open and standardised format so the public can compare councillor expenses across the country.

The Conservatives have more Councillors than Labour and the Liberal Democrats combined – with almost 10,000 Conservative Councillors, and more than 200 Conservative-run councils.

Cameron said that local government could cut spending through more transparency and by working together. In return, they would get much power. “I’m going to give you much more power and control”, he said. “I’m a Conservative, I trust people, I believe in local power.”

“I believe that when decisions are made closer to people they are better decisions, they are more effective decisions, they are cheaper and they tend to make people much happier too.”

Click here to read his speech in full