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Tameside Is Burglary Hot Spot


New figures reveal that crime is on the increase in Tameside, with burglary rates rocketing by 41 per cent in the last 12 months.

The worrying increase bucks trends across Greater Manchester and the rest of the country that show crime falling. Of the ten local authority areas in Greater Manchester, only Tameside recorded an increase in key offences during 2008/09 – a two per cent increase – whilst overall the number of crimes committed in the region fell by five per cent, and seven per cent nationally, compared to figures for the previous year. The two per cent increase related to an additional 235 crimes being committed last year, and a total of 13,478 key offences recorded – with one in every 16 residents in Tameside affected.

However, it is the spiralling rate of burglaries that is cause for greatest concern. The rapid increase related to one in every 40 households in Tameside being burgled during 2008/09. The sad statistic made Tameside the 12th worst burglary hotspot in the country, and the 2nd worst in Greater Manchester – worse than areas such as Salford, and London boroughs such as Brent and Tower Hamlets.

Cllr. John Bell, the Tameside Conservative Leader, said, “It is a sad statistic that Tameside is now the 12th worst burglary hotspot in the country, following a 41 per cent increase in offences last year. At the same time, the number of key offences has increased in the borough, despite the millions Tameside Council has pumped into community safety in recent years. What has gone wrong? For their part, Tameside Council should be doing more to support the police, by providing the funding for extra full-time police officers, as well paying voluntary Special Constables for their duties. Unlike Patrollers and PCSOs, Specials have full police powers, and the more regular officers and Specials we can recruit, the greater the police presence we will have to reverse the upward trend and drive crime down.”

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