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Conservatives challenge Labour to match their NHS pledge

lansleyLansley challenges Labour to match our commitment to the NHS
Friday, August 14 2009

Andrew Lansley has challenged Labour’s Health Secretary, Andy Burnham, to match the Conservatives’ commitment to a real terms increase in NHS spending.

Andrew, the Shadow Health Secretary, accused Mr. Burnham of “misleading the public” by trying to claim the Conservatives are not committed to the NHS.

And he stressed, “The real question is will Labour match our promise for a real terms increase in the health budget?”

Andrew pointed out that many of the NHS reforms promised by Labour, including practice-based commissioning, Foundation Trusts, patient choice and independent sector investment, have stalled under Gordon Brown.

And he stressed, “All those who care about the NHS know that these are the kind of reforms that will enable us to achieve the combination of equity, efficiency and excellence which should be the hallmark of the NHS.”

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