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Brown Bin Collections

Conservative Councillor. Basil Beeley has criticised Labour’s response to residents’ complaints about the fortnightly bin collection scheme. Councillor Beeley is from our neighbouring ‘Stalybridge South’ Ward.


Councillor Basil Beeley

The scheme has been dogged by unreliability since it was rolled-out across most of Tameside, and has come in for fierce criticism from residents affected by erratic collections.

In response to complaints in Newton, Labour’s Philip Fitzpatrick recently spent a day working with the refuse collectors and declared, “It’s quite obvious the fortnightly collections are working and it’s the only way forward.”

This brought a stinging response from Cllr. Beeley, the Conservative Environmental Services Spokesman, who asked, “‘Quite obvious’ to whom? Not to the residents who complained to Councillor Fitzpatrick, and have had their grievances apparently ignored.”

Cllr. Beeley continued, “I deal with complaints about the fortnightly bin collection on a weekly basis from local residents, and these complaints take up more of my time than any other issue.

“I recently took residents’ grievances about the brown bin collection to a senior Tameside Council manager. I was informed that the service works on the assumption that only 70 per cent of brown bins will be left out for emptying at any one time.

“I was informed that if more than 70 per cent of bins on a round are left out for emptying then the refuse service struggles to get them all emptied, leading to unemptied bins and complaints.”

Cllr. Beeley concluded, “It would be better for Tameside Council to work on the assumption that 100 per cent of bins will be left out for collection. After all, residents are entitled to this basic service for the Council Tax they pay and should not have to complain before they get their bins emptied. However, it appears that Labour’s rubbish answer to current criticism is simple: ‘Make sure your bin gets emptied. Ask your neighbour not to put theirs out!’”

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