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Rob Adlard lives in the constituency    




Rob will be 35 by the time Gordon Brown calls the general election (based on current assumptions of when he’ll have the guts to do that!)  and lives in Broadbottom, in the constituency of Stalybridge and Hyde. Originally from the North East, Rob studied in Manchester, and has been working in the area since 1999 as a violinist with the region’s top symphony orchestras.      

Rob knows how people are struggling with Labour’s recession due to running his own retail business for 9 years. “Labour doesn’t understand how jobs are created, or how hard it is for people who are self-employed and running businesses, and this is a key reason why I’m standing for parliament” Rob says.      


Personal Biography  

Rob grew up in Hartlepool in Teesside where he attended High Tunstall Comprehensive school. His first taste of politics was the 1992 general election, helping local candidate Graham Robb who was fighting Peter Mandelson.       

“Meeting Peter Mandelson is enough to make anyone a staunch Conservative for life”  jokes Rob. “It made me angry that a privately educated southerner, who was never going to be part of my town, was going to represent the area rather a hardworking local businessman, who was the Conservative candidate. There are many parallels between that situation and my contest with James Purnell, but the difference now is that New Labour has run its course, and people know that typical New Labour characters such as James Purnell are the past, and not the future.”      

Rob explains more of his reasons for standing for parliament “I have worked in every major European city as a violinist and in North and South America. I spent time living and working as violinist in America, and in Belgium as a racing cyclist. Now I’m settled again in the north of England I know that all my diverse experience of real life have taught me something very important. People, no matter where they are or what they’re doing, need to feel free to pursue their dreams and aspirations. This is a constant of human nature the world over, and I know that Labour make people less free to do that, and the Conservatives will make them more free. This is to do with education, jobs, family and health, and I’m committed to being part of the change our constituency needs in order to spread this opportunity and optimism about what we can achieve.”      

Political Biography




Collecting signatures for the Con Charge petition

Rob is a local Conservative branch chairman in Longdendale, and has been involved in many campaigns locally, and across Greater Manchester. Rob was one of the first people to begin campaigning against the Congestion Charge in Greater Manchester, with the campaign successfully securing a NO vote. James Purnell supported the Con Charge, however under the stewardship of the Conservatives, the Passenger Transport Authority is delivering a transport package for Tameside that will deliver significant improvements without the charge.   



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