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Labour candidate offers no hope of change from James Purnell

March 31, 2010

Labour today have selected a Longdendale Councillor as their candidate. Labour’s Johnny-Come-Lately candidate represents a few things.

1. Labour take people for granted, and imagine they can insert anyone into Stalybridge and Hyde at the last-minute and still expect them to be selected. They take your vote for granted.

2. Johnny-Come-Lately Johnny Reynolds represents James Purnell’s choice for the constituency. All the newspapers reported him as James Purnell’s choice, and in fact when he was originally left off the shortlist,  James Purnell and Lord Mandelson petitioned for him to be put back on. Your Labour candidate worked in James Purnell’s office for James Purnell at the taxpayer’s expense.

3. The Labour candidate is in the pocket of the Unions. Unite/Amicus think they can buy the seat of Stalybridge and Hyde for their candidate, who is a local branch secretary. The Conservatives’ campaign, in contrast, is entirely funded by local people in the constituency.

‘Flippant and lighweight’

The Manchester Evening News reported today about the selection, highlighting the frustration of some about how the selection was carried out. The report confirmed that the candidates were quizzed on pop culture and trivia rather than the serious issue facing our constituency such as the NHS and Afghanistan.

When you have a chance, ask your labour candidate what he thinks about campaigning for the re-election of a Prime Minister who has let down our troops.

You can read the article here



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