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Are Labour’s Militant Tendancy Trying to Impose Their Candidate on Stalybridge and Hyde?

March 17, 2010

Labour in Stalybridge and Hyde has been growing in its state of chaos for some time, but now they have a bigger problem – Charlie Wheelan and the Unite union. An article in the Guardian newspaper here describes how Unite is seeking to impose its candidates on seats seeking Labour candidates, such as our constituency of Stalybridge and Hyde.

Some are claiming that the huge union runs the Labour party today. The Union not only donated £11 million pounds to Labour, but also it’s policy chief Charlie Wheelan was Gordon Brown’s chief spin doctor and ‘attack dog’ according to reports, and is tipped to have a leading role in the general election for Gordon Brown.

Senior Unite official Peter Wheeler  is on the shortlist to succeed current Stalybridge and Hyde Labour MP James Purnell who is standing down at the next election in just a few weeks time. 

The shadow children’s secretary, Michael Gove, claimed that Unite had succeeded in ensuring that 59 of its members have been selected as Labour candidates for the general election. “Charlie Whelan’s distinctive fingerprints can be detected all over Labour’s recent lurch to the left in key policy areas,” Gove said. He cited the government’s decision to abandon the part-privatisation of Royal Mail, a climbdown on opening up the supply of NHS care, and the dropping of school reforms.

Gove said that Unite’s involvement in the BA dispute showed how unions were now calling the shots. “How can Charlie Whelan simultaneously be the political director of a union which is paralysing British Airways at the same time as he’s directing the political activities of Britain’s prime minister? How can we trust what Gordon Brown says about this strike, when we know he is in hock to Unite and in thrall to Charlie Whelan?”

Prospective Conservative MP Rob Adlard says “people in Stalybridge and Hyde have just managed to get rid of one outsider as MP. On the doorstep people have confirmed that they felt James Purnell didn’t have the best interests of Stalybridge and Hyde at heart, and they’ll be wary before they vote for another career politician and outsider such as Peter Wheeler of the Unite union, a union which is wrecking the Labour party as a party of government.”


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