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Support Small Shops Campaign

February 19, 2010

Rob Adlard has been campaigning to get the public to back small shops in our town centres.

Look out for a sign near you!

“Small shops have been suffering during the recession, and our town centres are under threat” says Rob. ” Labour’s tax on jobs will make this even harder. The only way to avoid Labour’s tax hike on small business employing people is to vote Conservative, but in the meantime let our small shops know that you support them”

Local Conservatives back traders’ calls for help with parking in town centres to get people back in touch with their local shops.

Rob hears from market traders in Hyde


Mr Sanderson of ‘Rug Shack’ shares his insight with Rob Adlard

 Mr Sanderson (above) tells Rob how he began his business after being made redundant. “People like Mr Sanderson are to applauded and supported” says Rob. “Rather than wait for someone to come along and help him, he’s taken initiative to help himself and start his own business. These people deserve our support, and I’m calling on people to support our small shops, calling on Labour to scrap their tax on jobs, and on the council to support market traders.”  


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