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Rob Slams Labour’s Hypocrasy Over Hospital

February 1, 2010

Why, just weeks before an election has your local MP now found an urgency about Tameside’s problems? Previously your MPs’ concern appeared to just extend to promotional photos at the hospital. The Hospital Board confirmed that Labour MPs were informed some time ago about the bad report, but nothing happened until the media storm.



“People I’ve been meeting on the doorstep are upset and angry about the state of hospital services, with some saying they’re frightened at the prospect of going to Tameside hospital – this is a dreadful state of affairs. When people need treatment, the last thing they want is added stress about services. The boss surely has to go and there needs to be a fresh start at the

hospital. The Labour MPs have jumped on a bandwagon and shouldn’t be scaring people further, but the problems are real, and are a total failure of leadership and policy.”

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