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Five Conservative measures to help victims of the recession

January 10, 2010

Labour’s claim that the Conservatives wouldn’t have helped people in the recession is simply nonesense. David Cameron has policies to help people through the recession that won’t bankrupt our country. Gordon Brown has talked big about spending money to help people, but his plans have been complicated, haven’t helped business, and the VAT cut helped nobody will cause inflation now it has risen to its original level.


  • A big, bold and simple National Loan Guarantee Scheme to help get credit flowing and save jobs.
  • A two year Council Tax freeze, worth over £200 for the typical family.
  • Tax breaks for companies which create new jobs, and cuts in National Insurance
    and Corporation Tax for all companies.
  • Up to £6,500 worth of energy efficiency improvements for every household,
    saving energy and reducing bills.
  • Abolish stamp duty for nine out of ten first-time buyers.



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